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Pets go abroad 2017 with

Pets go abroad 2017 with

28 July 2017

As we are all preparing to take our summer holidays with, do remember that it is perfectly possible in 2017 to travel with your pet - whether dog, cat or ferret! Having to find reluctant friends who would be willing to look after Tiddles or Rover or source extortionately priced kennels or catteries that would have a vacancy in the popular school holidays are gone. You may simply take your pets with you to enjoy a holiday break too.  
This is a guideline of what to be aware of before you make the final decision to buy sunscreen for Fido the Ferret as well as for the kids! 
First of all get the formalities seen to. You pet will need an officially recognised passport wherever they may be travelling to in the EU, containing the veterinary endorsements that show treatments, vaccinations and tests and signed by the vet. 
There are then certain things that may change from country to country, from Ferry Company to ferry company, and sometimes even ferry to ferry. Wherever you are going and whichever carrier you are travelling with, it is worth checking the rules and regulations that apply in each case, as usually there are no exceptions. If the guidelines have not been met you could well find your puddy or puppy cannot go with you. 
We have three different examples for you from carriers used by First of all let's look at the shorter international crossings to France - with their sailings to Dunkirk, Dieppe and Calais, we are using DFDS as a typical ferry example. 
Pets are welcome on all DFDS services from the UK to France. All pets must comply with the PETS travel scheme and we provide a handy checklist of important things to remember when taking your furry friend abroad.  
Taking a pet on the Dover-Calais and Dover-Dunkirk routes costs £15 per pet each way and on the Newhaven-Dieppe route a charge of £18 per pet each way applies. 
On both routes pets must remain in the owners' vehicle at all times, but owners can visit their pets during the journey by visiting the information desk on board. 
The quickest journey time to the Continent is of course with Eurotunnel thanks to the simple twenty minute trajectory under the Channel. Pets stay with their owners in the car during the journey. No sooner than you have left the UK you seem to have arrived in France! For just £18 per pet, our furry friends are at ease throughout the journey. This routing has become so popular that since the start of the Pets travel Scheme back in 2000, over two million pets have travelled with Eurotunnel. 
For longer crossings - Irish Ferries.  
Any pets travelling from Britain to Ireland must be micro-chipped and also have an extant rabies vaccination administered at least 21 days prior to travel. 
For animals being taken on board in a car: 
They must remain in the car or in a kennel provided by Irish ferries for the whole trip 
The kennels can be reserved in advance and there is no charge 
Pets are never allowed on the passenger decks of the ferries at any time 
For animals being taken on board by foot-passengers: 
Animals must be carried on board in your own secure, rigid and appropriate pet cage or box. If the carrier is not right then the pet will not be allowed aboard. 
The pet must be able to stand or lie in comfort 
The owner must be physically able to carry the cage or box from the terminal to the ship 
The animals must travel on the car deck of the ship in their cage or box 
On each ferry plying the waters between Ireland and the UK, the number and configuration of the kennels is different.On the fast ferry, The Dublin Swift there are six kennels of varying sizes, on the Isle of Inishmore there are ten kennels of the same size, on the Ulysses there are six medium and four large kennels and finally on the Epsilon there are five small, three medium and two large kennels.Of course one may never be certain to be parked near the kennel area. 
Brittany Ferries longer crossings to Spain and France 
You can take your pet to the continent with Brittany Ferries from £16.50 per pet - including kennel accommodation.If you are staying in accommodation, other than your own, it must accept animals otherwise it could be illegal.Each of the fleet of Brittany Ferries has different procedures so it will depend on the ship on which you are travelling as to what you must do and where you must go.There is a ship specific guide on the website.For ALL pets it is wise to walk them and make sure they have been toileted before boarding the ship.All vehicles with pets are stickered so they are known to all crew members. Although it may be warm on all the car decks when boarding, the temperature ameliorates when the ship sets sail. 
With Brittany Ferries it does depend on the ship and routing as to the services that are provided for pets. 

- With some crossings (Armorique & Barfleur, Normandie & Mont St Michel) and the Express service (Normandie Express), pets must stay in their vehicles throughout the duration of the crossing. 

- On other services pets are allowed up into pet friendly cabins that have been reserved in advance, (Etretat & Baie de Seine). 

- The last option is that of kennels, (again - booked in advance) on a few ships (Bretagne & Pont Aven), or otherwise the pets stay in the car. Passengers are allowed to visit their pets with a crew member at certain times, always at the Captain's discretion - depending on the weather of course. 

- Only the Cap FinistFre has the option of either kennels or cabins. 
So it is easy and very straightforward to take your pet on holiday.When comparing and booking your holiday with just visit the Pets Passports section of the site where there is all you need to know -
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