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AFerry partners with the RSPCA

AFerry partners with the RSPCA

27 June 2016 has signed a partnership contract with the RSPCA to be their dedicated ferry booking engine on their RSPCA website, a service for all members travelling by ferry with their pet anywhere in the world. The Pet Travel Scheme is now well established, so for the 43% of British households that have a pet, it is a serious option now to take the trusty dog or cat away with them. Over 15,000 pets travelled in 2015 from UK with, and 2016 bookings are increasing substantially. 
Plus for each booking made on the dedicated RSPCA ferry site, AFerry will donate a percentage to this worthwhile charity. 
This is an extremely timely agreement as we head into the popular summer holiday season when even more families will be travelling abroad with their pets as increased numbers of people realise just how easy it is.  
To make things even easier AFerry has a Complete Guide to Taking Your Pet Abroad on their website as well as - NEW for 2016 - in a short video. All you need to do is find out that the country you intend to visit will accept animals and then you'll need an EU Pet Passport. The passport shows that your pet has been microchipped, had a rabies vaccination and a satisfactory blood test showing the vaccine worked.  
The RSPCA is the oldest animal charity in the UK and was the first to introduce a law to protect animals. They work hard to ensure that all animals can live a life free from pain and suffering. They speak up for those who cannot do so for themselves. They push to improve the welfare of animals. They stand up to those who deliberately harm animals to send out a clear message - we will not tolerate animal abuse. Their highly trained officers tackle neglect and cruelty at every level and are working hard to stamp it out. They offer advice to pet owners and are more than pleased to offer a service such as this ferry booking engine to their supporters. 
With, five times winner of the WTA Leading Ferry Website, not only do you find the best deal for you, but also for your pet. Choose for your ferry bookings worldwide.