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We're all going on a summer holiday...

We're all going on a summer holiday...

19 April 2016

As we are helter-skeltering towards the holiday season there is no better time to think about travelling by ferry this year.and booking with - whether for one of the May Bank Holidays, Whitsun or the summer break itself. There are many good reasons to choose ferry travel over other forms of transportation, so here are AFerry's top ten: 
1 - Freedom of your own car to go where you want, do what you like and tour the local area wherever you are staying
2 - No baggage restrictions - so take as many kids prams, books, toys, snacks, kitchen sinks .they can all come too!
3 - You have your own boot for all this family holiday clobber but you can always add a trailer or roof box
4 - Taking the family pet is easy by ferry so Fido can come too - and we tell you how in our pets section online.
5 - You have your own car seats for the children and no charges to carry them as when you fly!
6 - Dad won't drive you mad learning how a new hire car works as he'll be comfortable in his own vehicle!
7 - Great food options and kids facilities on board for all ages, so the holiday starts before you get to your final destination.
8 - Souvenirs, buckets and spades, presents for friends, picnic rug and cool box can all fit in too!
9 - You can fill up with low priced wine, cheese and goodies from one of the hypermarkets near the ports on the way home.
10 - Best of all there are great holiday travel offers for all the family on - see our special offers page online