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07 January 2016

Winners of the World Travel Award 2015, the world's leading global ferry booking engine and comparison site, offers the widest choice of carriers - over 140 throughout the world with more than 1,800 routes. A large part of the impressive recent expansion of the Travel Gateway's leading online ferry brand has been in the Far East. 
In Japan, for example, AFerry has twelve of the top Japanese tourism-oriented ferry companies/routes available on the site, companies serving Hokkaido in the north to the subtropical islands of Okinawa in the south and including the picturesque journey across Suruga Bay at the base of Mount Fuji. This gives tourists the opportunity to experience the full beauty of Japan in a comfortable, cost effective and leisurely way. It is particularly significant to offer these routes as inbound tourism to Japan grew by 30% to 13.4 million visitors in 2014 and it looks as though 2015 growth was heading for 18 million. In 2015 year on year growth in visitor numbers from the UK was up by 18%, and there was also substantial growth from Italy, France, Spain and Germany. also has available the major ferry companies that run between Japan and South Korea allowing tourists to visit both destinations easily - Kobee, Beetle Ferry, Camellia Line and Panstar Cruise Ferry. The first two are fastcraft operators doing the journey in three and a half hours and are very popular with European visitors who want to combine a trip to Korea and Japan. also has many Korean customers who use these crossings for weekend short breaks. The other two are conventional ferries, eight hour crossings, popular still with visitors because they can sleep on the overnight crossing or enjoy the scenery in the daylight hours. 
In Korea sells tickets on the two largest domestic ferry operators, Hanil Express Ferries and Wavemaster Ferries. These companies operate between the mainland and the tourist island of Jeju. It's Korea's largest island with over ten million tourist visitors a year. One other operator AFerry has in Korea is DBS Cruise Ferry that operates a triangular route between Korea, Russia and Japan. This is popular with European tourists who can start their trip in Vladivostock, take the ferry to Korea, have a break in Korea, then re-board the ferry and go to Sakinamato in Japan and they fly home from Japan.  
In the Philippines works with the largest ferry operator, 2Go Group. A popular tourist destination for Europeans, the Philippines offer some of the world's best beaches such as Boracay Island which is where enthusiasts go for wave boarding holidays.  
As a final example, in Singapore works with Bintan Resort Ferries, operating from Singapore to the island of Bintan, which is extremely popular with Japanese golfers, honeymoon couples and for family holidays. It's a complete resort island. Otherwise offer tickets with the two largest ferry companies between Singapore and the Indonesian island of Batam, another tourist island with great beaches. 
Kirsty Laifa, Head of Sales at AFerry, said "We are delighted at our pioneering expansion growth in 2015 in the Far East, putting further distribution on the global ferry map for both customers and the Travel trade to access and book online".  
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