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12 February 2014

Although predictions were good for 2013's business results, could not be more pleased than to announce a 10% growth in business over 2012. In just six weeks of the New Year, sales are still booming, and increasing, which bodes well for the year ahead.
Why is there such an incremental number of bookings? cites several different reasons. Firstly there is the growth in their global markets. not only sells in the UK but across Europe and beyond; there is no end in sight for this continued expansion.
Another reason is the rise in the number of routes that are available for customers to purchase. Aferry offers routes not only ex-UK and around Europe but now sells ferry crossings in Asia, Australasia and is looking at America for 2014. Just in Europe there has been growth in the routes on offer. For example Brittany Ferries has just announced its 'économie' ferries between France, Spain and the UK; a ferry version of a no-frills service. LD Lines added a new UK - Spain route at the end of 2013.
This expansion is reflected in the latest bulletin from Interferry News which talked of the 'definite signs of activity' in the global ferry building industry after two decades of virtually lying dormant. Aferry's expansion into new markets such as Asia is also reflected in the report which states that in the 1990's ferry building was pretty Euro-centric, whereas today new builds are aimed towards markets such as Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This good news for the industry looks likely to continue according to Interferry News as the airline construction industry hits rock bottom. It is believed that if the ferry industry behaves correctly they will be able to offer a cost per mile ratio that is more favourable than their road and rail competitors, and will certainly compete with the airlines on shorter journeys. 
Technology is another significant factor in the Aferry growth record thus far, with more sophisticated search facilities, meaning that comparison of routes and fares is continuous throughout the booking process therefore providing increased customer satisfaction with the product. A satisfied customer will return.
The speed at which this all happens has improved as well, thanks to the speed at which the consumer can access the site - due to mobile technology. The customer does not have to wait until they are in front of a laptop, reservations can be made from a mobile phone; everything moves faster.
The forecast for business growth in 2014 is extremely positive as there are a raft of upgrades and new amendments to the site and its functionality waiting in the wings which will only improve further what is a superior comparison and booking engine. 
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