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11 January 2013, the world's leading ferry website, has announced results of 2012 which show a marked increase in the number of bookings over 2011, by a considerable margin. In fact bookings are up on the year overall by 15% and in some months of the year the results were even stronger than this.
As 2013 gains momentum, so does the company business, which is all down to the constant upgrading and innovation of what is an excellent basic business proposition. In 2012 AFerry upgraded their website to include even more carriers and routes so that the choice to the consumer is even bigger than it was this time last year, with more than 1,200 routes available from more than 80 operators throughout Europe. The company also augmented the number of languages in which their site is available. They now have the site working in 24 different languages with more expected in 2013.
The AFerry engine has also been used to power some European ferry routes on more sites such as Stena Line's website - which is something that is proving very popular with prospective new partners for 2013. As far as the travel trade is concerned, AFerry has been upgrading their trade site and this will be re-launched later this year. Otherwise they are also powering more operators' sites too, with TUI having come on board at the end of 2012.
There are more and more links available to associated sites where equally well priced accommodation is available, plus other add-ons that can be accessed from New for 2012 was
"We are very happy with last year's successes," Kirsty Laifa, Head of Sales & Marketing, remarked. "2012 saw an increase of 15% in sales in what was a tough market generally for operators, ease of the site compare engine functionality helped as did further enhancement in mobile technology."
"There were significant increases in the European market bringing a boost of business from outside the UK. Of the ex- UK business, a key element has been the growth on short sea crossings to the Continent."
"Good value and one-stop-shop site in a tough economy helps clients in a tactically priced market find the best deal. In reality customers have no idea what prices are what because operators change their offers and pricing strategy regularly - our site allows customers to compare fares/operators and choose what is right for them - be it the nearest port, best price or suitable times. Key for 2013 is the expansion into Asia, an exciting future development."