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Air strikes improve ferry booking trends

Air strikes improve ferry booking trends

12 August 2010

Kirsty Laifa, spokesperson for, comments on the impact the further proposed flight disruption is having on the ferry industry.  
"Further uncertainty caused by strike action and the the collapse of Goldtrail and Sun4U is causing unparalleled frustration and fear for the millions of people who work hard all year round for their one annual holiday. This frustration has led to an increase in last minute bookings for ferry crossings to Ireland and Europe.  
Analysis also suggests that the customers who were forced to return from holidays earlier in the year as a result of the Icelandic Ash cloud have switched allegiance, with many booking further ferry crossings for short trips or holidays. This should be a real concern for the airline industry. Constant disruption and fear of being stranded abroad is forcing travellers to consider other modes of transport, with many finding that ferry travel is much less stressful than airline travel, especially when travelling with children." 
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